Enterprise Collaboration
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capture, assemble, share & track
Transfering Knowledge
training & documentation
legal & compliance
sales enablement
secure client communication
Liberating Content
for enterprise collaboration

We're Semlr, the Knowledge Transfer Platform

Our focus is content; the knowledge that is captured in presentations, documents, images and video. Semlr unpacks the content, allowing it to be remixed into new documents, and then discovered, shared and accessed online. Built on innovative technologies for intelligent search, content analysis and dynamic assembly, Semlr is a powerful platform for enterprise collaboration.

Solutions for the Enterprise

Enterprise Collaboration

Empower dispersed teams to work together, domain experts to contribute just the topics they own, and users to discover and assemble presentations and documents on-the-fly. Don't rewrite, reuse!

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Training & Talent Development

Build a knowledge library of generic and proprietary content to support talent development, onboarding, remote workers and regulatory and compliance obligations.

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Client Engagement

Share pitch-books, proposals and documents with clients and stakeholders over an encrypted secure channel and track who read what and when. Dynamically update shared content, so that your clients are always up-to-date.

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